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1.Gloss Boss CHS Requires a 50% non-refundable partial payment towards the total service amount due at the time of booking in order to fully secure your appointment request after approval. Appointments will not be put on calendar until paid in full. 

2. Gloss Boss CHS reserves the right to charge 100% of service fee for same day cancelations. Gloss Boss CHS WILL charge 50% of total service cost if canceled same day. 

2b. Approval from apartment complex/building or business site is required prior to appointment to ensure Gloss Boss CHS is permitted to be on site during your requested time. Should an employee at your business/apartment etc. not permit Gloss Boss CHS to work on site during your request, full service amount will be charged if there is no ability or permission to perform the requested service. 

3. Personal items must be removed from vehicle before service. Please ensure all personal items are out of vehicle prior to service for proper execution. Any belongings left in vehicle will not be removed for liability reasons, and that area will not be worked on. This goes for center consoles as well. I am a detailer, not an organizer/garbage man. :) fee of $50 is implied if garbage is collected and disposed for sanitation/health purposes. 

4a. All leveled detail packages come with specific discounted labor rate windows for selected service. Beyond allocated time is charged at standard $100/hr rate. 

5a. Level 1: 3hr cars, 4 hours suv / Level 2: 4 hours car, 5 hours SUV / Level 3: 8 hours+. 

6. Full payment due at time of service completion by end of business day. $50/day late fee applies to overdue invoices. 

7. Gloss Boss CHS will take photos/videos on site for social media purposes. Please notify if you would not like this, and 5% total coast surcharge applies for lack of marketing abilities. 

8. Gloss Boss CHS takes before-service photos to confirm condition and pre-existing damages before performing requested service. 

9. Gloss Boss CHS has a 24 hour "warranty" window. If something is/was blatantly missed during the detailing process, please notify within 24 hours and a time will be found to correct any missed spot or mistake. Gloss Boss CHS strives for perfection, so please let us know. 

10. Gloss Boss CHS holds no liability for any form of damage during the detailing process, and in booking, Gloss Boss CHS, you accept full liability for any damage during the detailing process that might arise from water pressure, chemicals or age, including any broken glass. 

11. Gloss Boss CHS requires screenshot of disclaimer to be sent back to Hunter Murray to validate all terms are/were agreeable/agreed upon at time of booking and scheduling.

Thank you!

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