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Ceramic Coatings 

Ceramic coatings have, and will be, THE topic of conversation when it comes to protecting and enhancing your vehicle. Many detailers out there offer ceramic coatings, but not many offer the proper ceramic coating process!


All Gloss Boss CHS ceramic coating applications are only performed after your vehicle receives a full decontamination prior to the coating. All vehicles require paint correction prior to receiving a coating, and that process is easily achieved following the vehicle decontamination process. We recommend any vehicle receives a proper, two-step paint correction process to reveal remarkable shine and gloss clarity, unmatched in the CHS area. The results continue to speak for themselves! 

Gloss Boss CHS has a varying range of ceramic coat applications available, offering the best protection for your specific vehicle based on color and lifestyle. Get what is truly best for your vehicle, and continue protecting it with the GB CHS maintenance program to preserve the incredible benefits that come along with this protection! 

Have more questions? Let's chat! Send a chat box submission and your contact information, and we will reply within 24 hours to provide explanations to any and every question you have.

If you're expecting a one day turnaround with lackluster results and a minimal attention to detail with a "budget" conscious result, we are not the option for you. Gloss Boss strives for absolute perfection in every aspect, and we are not willing to price-shop to match inferior installations in the area. Invest in a proper process, and enjoy your 5+ years of ceramic coat protection and perfection, backed by a Gloss Boss lifetime warranty. 

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