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In The Beginning...

The Story

Humble beginnings. Gloss Boss started after the founder, Hunter Murray, decided there was a dire need for an automotive detailing specialist that has a genuine care for client vehicles, of all types. A few months of searching later, Hunter created Gloss Boss and operated out of an imported-from-Japan 1997 Daihatsu Atrai, Kei Class Van; the only one on the road in SC at the time of inception. 

After completing his studies at American University and the College of Charleston, Hunter found himself back in the work of his passions, automotive, but on the sales side of things. Over the years in the automotive industry and seeing the lack of quality in the detailing world, Hunter knew he had to act.


How often do you hear about a friend or coworker taking the time and initiative to get their vehicle professionally washed, detailed, and restored, only to have their results come out severely sub par, at a premium price? Almost every time! After hiring multiple professionals in the area to have work completed on person vehicles at home, the results showed VERY quickly, the "high end" results in town are severely underwhelming. After hiring 5 professionals to try and remove a light scratch on the profile of a white car (the easiest to remove scratches on), and the results showing a worse appearance than before the "fix", Hunter stepped up to bat and created a service with true results. 

Gloss Boss exists purely to change the ways of auto detailing and the entire experience from the first click of our website, all the way to you getting that new car feeling all over again. Trust that Gloss Boss will do exactly as promised, and on the first time around, too. Hailing from the world of exotics and show cars, Gloss Boss has no margin for errors and will be the one to get your requests done, as if you did them yourself. 

Licensed, insured, and leading the Charleston area with unparalleled technology and equipment used throughout the vast range of detailing needs for every vehicle. There is NOT a "one size fits all" with detailing. Save yourself the time, money, and efforts in booking other detailing services, and get it done as you hope the first time around! 

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