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Unparalleled Mobile Detailing + Paint Corrections + Ceramic Coating + Restorations + Classic and Modern


Gloss Boss chs is the first and only detailing service in charleston utilizing double-filtered deionized water for every service. water and power carried on board to every detail; we can't even leave a water spot!

Why Gloss Boss? 

Our Story

Founder, detailer, and friend of all, Hunter Murray found a niche inside the world of car restoration and detailing yet to exist in the Charleston metro and surrounding areas. Over the last 12 years, Gloss Boss founder, Hunter Murray, garnered his skillset through a lifestyle of car care and show car preparation, with varying requests of all types to create a unique, and unmatched level of attention and precision with proper car care and restoration.


Backed by studying varying sciences through college education and pursuing constant development/testing of new and existing products/chemicals in the world of detailing, Gloss Boss CHS's unique approach is truly in a league of its own. With a substantially deeper understanding of the products and procedures available in the world of car care and detailing, Gloss Boss promises to preserve the like-new OEM feel and finish throughout your vehicle, without compromising the quality you once had at the time of acquiring your vehicle. 

Gloss Boss offers four types of flat-rate packages that tend to cater to majority of client needs and requests. For those who have speciality vehicles, like classic cars, RV's, modern sports cars and super cars, custom requests are tailored to your specific needs with unmatched transparency and final results through safe and unique practices. 

Gloss Boss Car Care Services


Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction options ranging from ceramic wax, 1 year protection, up to 5 year protection. Let a ceramic coat expert help you pick the right coating and protection for you!


Mobile Detail

Want your vehicle to be detailed, but don't feel like fighting Charleston traffic? Not to worry! Gloss Boss will come to you for any exterior restoration, detail, wash, coating, interior detail or more!


Do you have a classic car at home you want looking its absolute Sunday Best? 

While Gloss Boss operates around a flat-rate package system, all may be tailored to meet the specific needs that come along with a classic car.

Classic Car Specialities

Over a Decade of Experience

Gloss Boss Charleston was founded by Hunter Murray - a life long car enthusiast, racer, Cars and Coffee connoisseur, and car-care aficionado. Through personal experience over the years, there are few requests pertaining to true car detailing that Gloss Boss wouldn't be able to achieve. Ceramic coatings, mobile detailing, show car preparation, classic car restoration, RV detailing, paint restoration, paint correction, waxing and custom requests all come with the promise of exquisite execution and a truly superior attention to detail.


When you choose to service your car with Gloss Boss, you are choosing to service your car with a true car detail expert who eats, sleeps, breaths fine details in every aspect of life. This is not a profession, it's a passion and lifestyle being translated into each serviced vehicle. 


To most, this sounds like a sales pitch. To the select few that desire one to care for their car in ways further than you can muster yourself, Gloss Boss is the only option. 


Get your car detail in Charleston, SC, done right the first time around. Get a real ceramic coating that truly lasts, with all the proper steps to prep and protect your investment.


The difference is in the results. Get it done right the first time around.​


If you aren't a reader and want Gloss Boss to contact you, just send in your info and you'll receive a direct response from the Boss!

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