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3/5/7 Year Ceramic Coat

Multiple permanant ceramic coat options available to suit you and your car's best needs

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Service Description

Ceramic coatings have, and will be, THE topic of conversation when it comes to protecting and enhancing your vehicle. Many detailers out there offer ceramic coatings, but not many offer the proper ceramic coating process! That is why Gloss Boss CHS is proud to offer our ceramic coat installs with the Gtechniq range of coatings! All Gloss Boss CHS ceramic coating applications are only performed after your vehicle receives a full decontamination and paint correction prior to the coating. All vehicles do require paint correction prior to receiving a coating. To look the best, you must prep properly! This prep process is vital, as this is what will allow your coating to bond properly to the leveled out surface of the paint and yields the performance and duration the ceramic coat companies advertise. New cars (500 miles or less) benefit from reduced rates due to requiring less prep process. Interior ceramic coating options are available, too! Protect your investment! Ceramic coatings will preserve the actual paint underneath over the life of the vehicle with proper maintenance and upkeep. It's a proper return on investment. AND, you’ll get less hairline scratches/swirls on your car over the duration of the coating to help keep a permanent new car appearance. Your car returns to absolute fresh perfection after every wash, and your coating can last even longer than 5 years with proper maintenance from Gloss Boss. With the rarity of garages in Charleston, a ceramic coat also helps prevent sun damage on your vehicle, resistance to water spotting, chemical resistance against staining like what would occur if sap or bird droppings sat on your car. Bugs and bug guts come washing off with ease, and the hydrophobic qualities will keep your car looking glorious before, during, and after multiple rain storms without having to do any upkeep. This only scrapes the surface of ceramic coat benefits. Ceramic coatings do require your vehicle to be unmoved for 24 hours after application process. An enclosed space is also a must-have for the application and overnight curing process of the coating. Gloss Boss Garage is located on Ashley River Road, with available concierge services to truly make your experience VIP! All coatings come with complimentary glass ceramic coating to dial in the whole package! A La Carte Options: -interior ceramic coating -dual layer ceramic coating -trim restoration ceramic coat

Cancellation Policy

Gloss Boss CHS reserves the right to charge 100% of the service fee for same day cancelations. Gloss Boss CHS reserves the right to charge up to 75% of total service fee for cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled appointment. Deposits are refundable, less any damages accrued to Gloss Boss CHS during booking process up to the full amount of deposit. Gloss Boss CHS will charge full service amount if working space surrounding vehicle is on a public street, parking lot with immediate neighboring vehicles, or conditions deemed unsafe for working.

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Mobile and On-Site Charleston, SC 29407, USA

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